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Locksmith Coltishall

Coltishall, Norwich, Catacol, North Ayrshire, nr12 8jw
Locksmith Coltishall

About Us

Developed by locksmiths, for locksmiths and subcontractors, the Locksub app is user-friendly, intuitive and can help maximize your business’s profits.

All leads and jobs posted to the platform by subcontractors are 100% confirmed and consolidated. All you have to do is browse the leads, purchase the ones you are available for, and complete the work. Once a job is purchased, you’ll take full ownership of it and call the customer to give them an ETA and all relevant information. On completion of the job, you’ll submit an invoice and get paid for your time. The LockSub locksmith app means increased satisfaction for subcontractors, locksmiths and customers alike.


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Our Opening Times / Hours

Monday 4.00AM - 4.00PM
Tuesday 10.00AM - 10.00PM
Wednesday 4.00AM - 4.00PM
Thursday 10.00AM - 10.00PM
Friday 4.00AM - 4.00PM
Saturday 12.00AM - 12.00PM
Sunday 5.00AM - 5.00PM

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