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Shaoxing Jinhao Machinery youxian gongsi

shaoxing,zhejiang, Darkley, County Armagh, SE23 1AA
Shaoxing Jinhao Machinery youxian gongsi

About Us

  We are a professional China glove knitting machine Factory and glove machine Manufacturers , supplying automatic and computerized glove and sock knitting machine.Quality we have our own labs, the most advanced testing equipment in industry, to ensure product quality.

  Cost more than 90% of products are manufactured by our factory and sold directly, cheap and fine.

  Diversity our products are now covering all kinds of knitting machinery, such as computerized flat knitting machine, computer glove machine, computer socks machine, seamless underwear machine, etc. to meet the needs of various industries.

  Capacity the maximum comprehensive capacity of our various types of knitting machine can reach more than 30 thousands, which can meet the needs of different procurement customers.

  Service we are based in the domestic market and exported overseas. Our products meet international standards, and are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia and South America and other countries.

Services & Products we offer

  • Sweater machine
  • Socks machine
  • Knitting machine
  • Underwear machine
  • Socks machine china


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Monday 8.00AM - 2.00PM
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Wednesday 8.00AM - 2.00PM
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Friday 8.00AM - 7.00PM
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